july 2019

Jennifer-McClure-hiking-islands_1col.jpgNature contact: A prescription for health and well-being

Dr. Jennifer McClure talks about green spaces, forest bathing, and the health benefits of spending time in nature.

Julie-Richards-gun-violence-grant_1col.jpgHow to prevent suicide by firearms?

Julie Richards’ study is one of the first three funded by Kaiser Permanente’s Firearm Injury Prevention Task Force.


Fit test colon cancer financial incentive-Bev Green blog-300x170-1 column.jpgFinancial incentives increase stool testing

Dr. Beverly Green's research explores how to help decrease disparities in screening for colon cancer.


Eric-Larson-1209_-1col.jpgChange and constancy in a time of transition

Reflections on KPWHRI’s incoming leader, the institute’s accomplishments over time, and its sustaining values.


Parchman_Lamont140909010541_1col.jpgSix Building Blocks help small rural clinics to manage opioids better

A research team led by Dr. Michael Parchman uses new ways to support small clinics in reducing opioid use in the rural Pacific Northwest.

McClure-blog_1col.jpgOral Health 4 Life: A decade of research to improve smokers’ health and dental health care

As Dr. Jennifer McClure completes the last of three innovative studies, she reflects on how the work began, the difference it may make, and what happens next.