Learning Health System Program

Our Learning Health System (LHS) Program brings research and care delivery together in partnerships that support continuous learning.

What is the Learning Health System Program?

Kaiser Permanente Washington’s Learning Health System (LHS) Program is a formal collaboration that connects our health system, medical group, and research institute. By linking the scientific expertise of our researchers to the needs and priorities of our care delivery system, the LHS Program supports continuous learning and helps us work together to find new and better ways to improve our services and members' health.

Our work is based on forging strong partnerships among our scientists, clinicians, and operational managers—so we can take rapid action to implement best practices and evaluate their impact. To date, more than 30 researchers from across Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI) are collaborating with partners in our care delivery system on dozens of projects aimed at helping us ensure Kaiser Permanente Washington is the best place in our region to give and get health care,

What does the LHS Program do?

  • We start by aligning the Program's objectives with Kaiser Permanente  Washington's stategic goals and identifying opportunities to use our research capabilities to help achieve them.
  • Next, we develop short- and long-term partnerships between research and care delivery—so that we can us scientific approaches to help inform decision making and answer important questions related to quality, cost, and value.
  • Through these partnerships, our researchers, operational leaders, clinicians, and staff get a chance to work and learn together—discovering new ways to improve our services, our value, our work environment, and our members health.

The LHS Program model


LHS Program in the media

Thought Leader Forum: Health care delivery partnerships make the best better

Puget Sound Business Journal, Sept. 13, 2019

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LHS Program Fast Facts

  • Established June 1, 2017, by executive leaders at Kaiser Permanente Washington and Washington Permanente Medical Group.
  • Led by Dr. Paula Lozano, Katie Coleman, Emily Westbrook, and Claire Allen. Learn more about our team.
  • More than two dozen LHS projects or consultations completed or in progress.
  • 37 researchers from Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute involved in LHS projects or consultations.

Contact us

For more information about Kaiser Permanente Washington's Learning Health System Program, please email us at KPWALHS@kp.org.