The CATALyST LHS K12 training program is co-directed by Dr. Diana Buist (center) and Dr. Paula Lozano (left). It is administered by Susan Brandzel, MPH (right).

The CATALyST program is led by Kaiser Permanente Washington’s Diana Buist, PhD, MPHPaula Lozano, MD, MPH, and Susan Brandzel, MPH. Dr. Buist is a senior investigator and director of research and strategic partnerships at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI). Dr. Lozano is a KPWHRI senior investigator, a practicing pediatrician, and associate medical director of research translation at Washington Permanente Medical Group. Ms. Brandzel has been a scientific research manager for over 25 years in the domains of epidemiology, clinical trials, patient engagement, and health care decision-making. These leaders bring robust expertise in LHS research, mentorship, and demonstrated collaboration with our regional partners.

In addition, CATALyST includes outstanding training leaders and faculty from diverse clinical and research disciplines across our four partner institutions. These engaged, committed and established mentors have extensive expertise in LHS core-competency domains and patient-centered outcomes research methodology.

View a complete list of faculty and their disciplines (PDF).


Contact: Susan Brandzel
CATALyST Program Administrator