RSV Surveillance Study


What is the purpose of this study? 

The purpose of this study is to collect information about illnesses caused by a virus called respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus, or “RSV.” RSV is a common virus that circulates in the winter and can cause infections of the respiratory tract (lungs and breathing passages). Symptoms can range from mild cold-like symptoms to severe lower respiratory tract illness.

Older adults have a higher risk of severe RSV infection. In people who already have lung or heart problems, RSV infection can cause those problems to worsen.

There are currently no vaccines available to prevent RSV infection.

The sponsor of this study, Pfizer, is developing a vaccine to try to prevent RSV infection.

Who can be in the study? 

We are enrolling adults aged 70 years and older. If you have a medical condition that affects the immune system or take medications that affect the immune system, you may not be in the study. There are also other conditions and circumstances that may make you ineligible for this study.

What is involved if I take part in the study? 

  • We will ask you to attend at least one in-person study visit in December 2019 or January 2020.
  • At this visit, we will ask questions about your health and swab the inside of your nose.
  • We will give you an electronic diary (also called an “e-diary”) and show you how to use it. The e-diary is like a smartphone but can only be used to collect information for the study.
  • You will use the e-diary to enter information about whether you develop any respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, or cough. You will need to enter this information at least once a week through approximately April 2020

What if I develop respiratory symptoms while I’m in the study?

  • If you develop respiratory symptoms, you will enter information into the e-diary every day for 21 days or until the symptoms go away, whichever is sooner.
  • We will also give you a kit to collect nose swabs at home and mail them back to us. You will collect the swabs every day for 14 days or until the symptoms go away, whichever is sooner.
  • If you seek medical care because of your respiratory symptoms, we will ask you to come in for an extra study visit so that we can collect a nose swab at the research clinic.

Where are the study visits? 

All study visits will be held at our research clinic in downtown Seattle. The Research Clinic is next to I-5 in the Metropolitan Park East Building at 1730 Minor Ave.

Do I need to be a current Kaiser Permanente member to be in the study?

No, both Kaiser Permanente members and non-members can be in this study. You may also refer family and friends to the study.

Will it cost anything to be in the study? 

No, we will give you all study supplies. There will be no co-pay and no charge for any study procedures. Parking and bus tickets are provided at no cost.

Will I receive compensation if I am in the study?

  • Yes, we will mail you a $50 check for the first study visit and a $25 check for each month that you enter information into the e-diary.
  • If you have respiratory symptoms and collect a set of nose swabs at home and complete daily e-diary entry of symptoms, we will mail you a $25 check.
  • If you have an extra study visit because of respiratory symptoms that caused you to seek medical care, we will mail you a $25 check.

How do I join this study? 

  • Email KPWA.vaccine@kp.org with your full name and the best phone number and time to reach you.
  • You may also call us at 206-287-2061.