Ed Wagner Endowment for Health Care Transformation

Improving health and health care in communities in need across the country is our worthy cause.

Please join us by giving what you can today.

Help strengthen the health care safety net

Your gift to the Ed Wagner Endowment for Health Care Transformation improves care for disadvantaged populations in community clinics across the country. These "safety-net" clinics serve millions of people who would not otherwise have access to care. With funds from the Wagner Endowment, researchers at KPWHRI's MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation develop and disseminate health care improvement strategies specifically designed to work in safety-net clinics.

Your gift reaches community clinics nationwide

The MacColl Center's goal is to transform health care delivery in diverse community settings across the country—improving care while making it more affordable. This is no small task. Our success depends on our ability to work with doctors, nurses, and other health care providers who provide care in the nation's many safety-net clinics. With each donation to the Wagner Endowment, we are able to expand our reach and share promising findings and resources with more providers who serve communities in need. Please show your support for these communities by making a donation today.