Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute Endowment

Many of our most influential studies were launched with small, internal grants like those the KPWHRI Endowment provides.

Your donation makes it possible.

Kick starting practical research

By giving to the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI) Endowment, you help speed up research that addresses challenges experienced in everyday health care. Our scientists work closely with clinicians and administrators at Kaiser Permanente Washington and elsewhere to study changes in care delivery as they happen. The KPWHRI Endowment provides seed money to kick start these important studies when federal funding isn’t readily available. Without these start-up funds, countless opportunities to improve health and health care are lost.

Don’t let the next opportunity slip away

People with chronic conditions like back pain, diabetes, and depression can’t wait for the next federally funded grant. And neither can we. With your support, our research will keep pace with important changes in health care that are happening right now. Please help us continue to transform health care for the better by donating what you can today.