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Now more than ever, we need research on practical ways to improve our health—and our nation's health care system.

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We all know someone who is struggling to stay healthy or get the care they need. Right now, our nation's health care system is facing tough challenges and historic opportunities. That's why we must act quickly to discover practical ways to ensure our families and communities can live healthy and get high-quality, affordable care when they need it.

Be part of our mission: Better health and health care for all

  • Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute has a long history of practical research that helps people lead longer, healthier lives. We help find everyday solutions that prevent death and ease suffering—things like bike helmets, breast cancer screening, and yoga. All were shown to be effective by our research.
  • We are also nationally recognized for our ability to develop and study effective health care innovations, spread them systemwide, and share what we’ve learned with people and health systems everywhere.
  • With your support, we'll continue to make progress toward our mission of improving health and health care for everyone. Your generous donation will also help our nation deliver on the promise of high-quality, affordable health care for all.
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    • Improve access to care;
    • Make neighborhoods healthier places to live;
    • Reduce health disparities in disadvantaged communities; and
    • Curb rising health care costs.

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