Recent videos surgery linked to fewer complications from diabetes

Oct. 2018

(YouTube, 1:48)


ACT-video-released-at-Alz-Disease-Intl_Mtg_Video_still_1col.jpgEvery Three Seconds

Produced by Alzheimer's Disease International

July 2018

(YouTube, 4:39)


Greg-Simon-NIH-collaboratory-What-is-PCT-video-1col.jpgWhat is a Pragmatic Clinical Trial?

Dec. 2017

(Vimeo, 1:33)


Moving-to-health-video-still-1col.jpgMoving to Health

Oct. 2017

(Vimeo, 2:10)


your-life-choices-video-still-powell-1col.jpgYour Life, Your Choices

June 2017

(YouTube, 4:55)



Shared Decision Making

May 2017

(YouTube, :39)


Elaina-Kook-video-1col.jpgWhat is a Community Resource Specialist? 

April 2017

(YouTube, 5:47)



HPV Get Vaccine

January 2017

 (YouTube, :40)

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