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	Video_thumbnail_-bariatric_surgery-1_column.jpgWhich type of surgery has best weight-loss results?

Dr. David Arterburn discusses how
3 types of bariatric surgery compare. Oct. 2018.  (Vimeo, 1:56)


Video_thumbnail-Arterburn-Diabetes_1_column.jpgBariatric Surgery linked to fewer complications from diabetes

Dr. David Arterburn discusses research on possible benefits of weight-loss surgery. Sep 2018. (YouTube, 1:48)


ACT-video-released-at-Alz-Disease-Intl_Mtg_Video_still_1col.jpgEvery 3 Seconds

A diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease occurs every 3 seconds. KPWHRI launched the Adult Changes in Thought Study in 1994 to track participants' health and identify what may lead to the condition. (YouTube, 4:39)


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