Evette J. Ludman, PhD


Former Research Associate

Kaiser Permanente Washington
Health Research Institute


Evette Ludman, PhD, is a clinical psychologist whose research has focused on learning to see patients as they see themselves and harnessing their unique motivations for achieving a healthier life. With a focus on outreach and person-centered care, her work has aimed to improve treatment for common mental disorders and to motivate health-related behavior change. She joined Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in 1992 and retired in 2018.

Dr. Ludman has played varied  roles, ranging from clinical interventionist to principal investigator, in many large randomized trials of behavioral interventions, . Her diverse research portfolio includes innovative approaches to mental health treatment in primary care, including stepped, collaborative care; telephone psychotherapy and care management; and self-management support led by both peers and professionals. She has designed and evaluated many interventions to address behavioral risk factors, such as smoking, drinking, and obesity, as well as outreach campaigns to increase cancer screening. She also pursued research examining the interplay among behavioral science, the health care delivery system, and the use of genetic information.

Dr. Ludman has been an enthusiastic mentor to junior scientists, served as a reviewer for more than 25 journals, and was a standing member of the National  Institute of Mental Health’s services research review committee. She also holds joint appointments as an affiliate investigator at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and affiliate associate professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington.


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