Survey Research Program

Our survey team brings expertise and efficiency to a variety of studies—providing custom survey design, study recruitment, data collection, and more.

The Survey Research Program

The Survey Research Program (SRP) provides a broad range of data collection and recruitment services. Our team of scientific survey professionals works in close collaboration with study teams to plan and execute study activities on their behalf. We work on projects of all sizes and timelines, utilizing systematic processes and data collection practices to reduce measurement error and to promote consistent use of scientifically sound survey research methods. Our services include the following:


  • Survey design and methodology
  • Operationalization of recruitment and data collection activities
  • Aligning survey scope and budget to meet project goals
  • Review of participant-facing materials — including letters, scripts, and data collection instruments — to promote use of survey best practices

Participant recruitment and data collection

  • Telephone recruitment and data collection using computer-assisted telephone interviewing software to optimize efficiency and data quality
  • Web survey administration using web survey software
  • Paper survey data collection, including outbound mailings and scanning/data entry of received surveys
  • Mixed-mode data collection
  • Programming scripts and instruments into survey-specific software to promote consistent administration and reduce error
  • Email recruitment and texting or email follow-up outreach
  • Questionnaire pretesting
  • Focus group or in-depth interview recruitment and scheduling
  • Mailing services, such as:
    • Recruitment mailings, paper survey mailings, and thank you letters.
    • Mail materials management such as ordering and inventory tracking.
    • Incentive fund tracking and management.
    • Biospecimen collection.
  • Status reports, field monitoring and final data delivery
  • Budget monitoring

Flexible, experienced staffing

The team of survey research professionals has extensive experience collecting complex data, including longitudinal, multi-site, and bilingual data, across diverse populations. We offer wrap-around service, guiding teams from development through fielding to final data delivery. We operate effectively and efficiently because we do similar work across a variety of studies. We focus on scientific survey methods and best practices bringing lessons from scientific survey literature into our work.

  • We have flexible staffing to meet the needs of studies, including evening and weekend availability.
  • Telephone research interviewers are experienced with a range of validated measures, verbal consent, and general interviewer training/best practices. They are experienced in navigating complex administrative scheduling and diverse populations.
  • We have team members who are bilingual (English/Spanish) to support bilingual study activities.
  • We utilize software specific to survey data collection allowing for efficient call rotation and high-quality survey presentation.
  • Dedicated SRP programmers develop tracking systems for study activities and generate progress reports for real-time monitoring.​​​​​​


For more information about KPWHRI's Survey Research Program, please contact:

Bianca DiJulio
Senior Manager, Survey Research Program
MPE, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute