Researchers & Collaborators

Building powerful partnerships

Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute scientists and staff have decades of experience collaborating with researchers from other health plans and academic institutions. Our research partners benefit from  expertise in study design, data sharing, survey research, grants and contract administration, and more.


Our leaders have been instrumental in forming large, multi-institutional research networks that bring the statistical power and population diversity of big data to health research.

Collaborator news

How Choosing Wisely reduces low-value care


An award-winning Group Health partnership is finding the right balance between too much and too little care. Kim Wicklund and Dr. Angie Sparks explain how.

Biomed company and GHRI test new device for collecting blood

This new GHRI-industry collaboration with Tasso, Inc. will study sample collection for lab tests, writes Clinical Research Director Tricia Buscio.

Research news

How Group Health’s collaborative approach transformed depression care

In a group interview, GHRI mental health scientists describe how their work with UW psychiatry researchers changed treatment worldwide.

Finding safer ways to treat behavioral disorders in kids and teens

With $10 million from NIMH, GHRI is leading a multi-site study to ensure safe prescribing of antipsychotic drugs for youth with behavioral disorders.

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