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Our mission is to improve the health of communities with collaborative approaches to planning, assessment, and evaluation

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We're known for our customized evaluations

Our team’s background spans a number of fields, including public health, economics, urban planning, epidemiology, and health administration.

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We help you find out what works to make communities healthier

We partner with our clients to help assess the impact of community investments and figure out what works to improve health.

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We understand the real-world issues of communities

With broad expertise in evaluation methods and experience in a wide range of health issues, CCHE combines rigor with practicality.

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What we're learning

Getting to a healthy dose

CCHE and colleagues at Kaiser Permanente and the University of California, Berkeley have created Healthy Dose: A Toolkit for Boosting the Impact of Community Health Strategies. You can download the toolkit, which includes an interactive guide with an overview of the methodology, a "dose calculator" that helps users plan strategies, and a PowerPoint presentation that introduces audiences to the dose concept. 

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What's new at CCHE?


CCHE is celebrating our first 30 years!

This is a landmark year for us—the 30th year since we began evaluating community-based health initiatives. It’s been a wonderful journey partnering with an incredible diversity of communities, organizations, funders, and others to further our collective mission of improving community health.

In 2020, we will be sharing our insights about a variety of topics and bring together our lessons learned over the last 30 years with our work on current evaluations.  We look forward to sharing and engaging with you on these topics and continuing to learn the best ways to improve community health. Be sure and check out our interactive timeline to learn more about our evaluations.

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