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How effective is acupuncture for chronic back pain?

Complementary and integrative care offers many options for back pain. Much of what we know comes from KPWHRI research.


A pathologist, Dr. Reva Ricketts-Loriaux, looks through her microscope.

Why you should join Kaiser Permanente Research Bank

Watch and learn how all Washington members can be part of research that could improve health for millions.

Healthy Findings Blog


We decreased people’s daily sedentary time by an hour

Changing behavior isn’t easy, but Dr. Dori Rosenberg helped older people to stand and walk more.

Innovations in Care


Future is now: Virtual care is transforming health systems

Katie Coleman describes how the pandemic boosted adoption of telehealth and how research is vital for it to thrive.



COVID-19 vaccine trial registry opens for volunteers

For future studies of COVID-19 vaccines, KPWHRI seeks Seattle-area residents 18 and older.

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Seattle team to build brain map of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer's researchers go back to basics to find the best way forward

NPR, Jun 25, 2020

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