March 11, 2015

Tips for healthy aging: Your 30s



Part two of our seven-part series

Aging begins at birth. Even so, the way we age changes with each successive decade of life. What health goals should you have when you are in your thirties? The following tips can help you adopt habits that will maximize your health now while preparing you for a better future.

Maintain a healthy weight

People typically start adding pounds in their thirties. Being overweight puts you at risk for many chronic health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise can prevent these problems.

Learn about your family’s medical history

Did your parents or other close relatives have premature heart disease? Diabetes? Cancer? If so, talk to your doctor about your own risk for these conditions and the best ways to screen for and prevent them.

Strike a balance between work and family

Juggling career and family pressures can be tricky at this age. Find a routine that allows time for fun, friendship, and physical activity. Doing so can prevent a host of problems, including marital distress, depression, and stress-related illness.

Find a spiritual community

People this age often connect (or re-connect) with a church, temple, or other spiritual community. Putting down spiritual roots now may serve you well in later years as you look for meaning and social support.  

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