March 11, 2015

Tips for healthy aging: Your 70s



Part six of our seven-part series

Aging begins at birth. Even so, the way we age changes with each successive decade of life. What health and lifestyle goals should you have when you are in your seventies? The following tips can help you adopt habits that will maximize your health now while preparing you for a better future.

Test for hearing problems

Common at this age, hearing loss can cause people to feel socially isolated, leading to depression. Uncorrected, it can even hasten the onset of dementia. Fortunately, most hearing problems are easily managed with hearing aids. So get your hearing tested regularly and get help when you need it.

Get regular eye exams

Vision also declines more rapidly at this age, which can put you at risk for falls and other accidents. It can also limit reading and travel, leading to a sense of isolation and depression. Get your eyes checked annually, replace your glasses, and get other treatment when needed.  

Prepare for end-of-life care

It’s hard to predict when health problems might cause you to become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself. That’s why many people take steps early to clarify their values about life-sustaining medical treatment and to make their wishes known to family members and health care providers. This can be done by completing advance directives such as a “Living Will”—a written order that becomes part of your medical record. Find information about this process through your health plan, your lawyer, or senior rights organizations.

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