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april 1-30

Study examines racial inequity in suicide prediction models

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A study published in JAMA Psychiatry by KPWHRI researchers found that some prediction models may vary substantially in accuracy for select racial and ethnic groups. Yates Coley, PhD, the lead investigator, discusses the findings.

Physician concerns about note-sharing with patients fade with practice, study shows

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A study in Journal of General Internal Medicine examines how physicians’ attitudes about online sharing of their notes with patients change with experience. James Ralston, MD, MPH, the lead author, explains the findings.

COVID-19 variant vaccine trial begins at KPWHRI

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The NIH has launched a new trial of a vaccine developed to prevent COVID-19 caused by a variant virus first identified in South Africa is under way at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute and three other sites. Dr. Lisa Jackson, the KPWHRI principal investigator, is interviewed about the study by a number of media outlets.

Catching more breast cancers when mammograms are limited

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Diana Miglioretti, PhD, discusses a study, conducted with several KPWHRI colleagues, published in JAMA Network Open, about triaging mammograms in times of reduced clinical capacity.

Dr. Kai Yeung: Evaluating incentives to encourage high-value use of health care services

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A JAMA Internal Medicine invited commentary by Dr. Kai Yeung and colleague is quoted on the limitations of payment offset policies to reduce the cost of prescription medicines.

March 1-31

Catching more breast cancers when mammograms are limited

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Diana Miglioretti, PhD, discusses a study, conducted with several KPWHRI colleagues and published in JAMA Network Open, about triaging mammograms in times of reduced clinical capacity.

Association of bariatric surgical procedures with changes in unhealthy alcohol use among US veterans

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Katharine Bradley, MD, MPH, discusses recent study findings showing that patients undergoing bariatric surgery who had not reported unhealthy alcohol use before the procedure were significantly more likely to develop such a problem post-surgery than those who did not have the operation.

Youth under 18 eligible for COVID vaccine trial registry

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John Dunn, MD, is interviewed about KPWHRI’s COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial registry opening up to participants under 18.

Kaiser Permanente launches first coronavirus vaccine trial

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Lisa Jackson, MD, MPH, is selected to be part of People magazine’s annual Women Changing the World issue for her work on COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.

Dr. Katharine Bradley: Identifying and addressing alcohol and other substance use in primary care

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Screening for unhealthy drug and cannabis use is integrated into primary care at Kaiser Permanente Washington, as Dr. Katharine Bradley detailes in an interview.

February 1–28

Janssen phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trial to begin at KPWHRI

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Lisa Jackson, MD, MPH, discussed the COVID-19 vaccine, developed by Johnson & Johnson, as the FDA prepared to grant Emergency Use Authorization so that it could be given to people.

Phone therapy for insomnia shown to improve sleep

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Several outlets covered a study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, about a new virtual approach to delivering cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia and arthritis pain. The study was led by KPWHRI Affiliate Investigator Susan McCurry, PhD, MPH, and conducted with Kaiser Permanente Washington members.

NIH-Moderna COVID-19 vaccine receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization

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Roy Davis writes about his decision to participate in the phase 3 clinical trial of the NIH-Moderna vaccine at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute.

Delivering on the real promise of virtual mental health care

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Gregory Simon, MD, MPH, is interviewed about one of the benefits he has discovered from seeing patients in remote online appointments.

COVID-19 and mental health

Gregory Simon, MD, MPH, is interviewed about what is known so far about the pandemic’s effect on mental health and suicide rates.

Healthy aging: Building the path to resilience

“Uninterrupted sleep gets harder as we age,” writes Eric Larson, MD, MPH, in his magazine column. He offers tips to having a good night’s rest.

January 1–31

The story behind the NIH-Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

Lisa Jackson, MD, MPH, discusses the phase 1 clinical trial at KPWHRI that was the first to test a COVID-19 vaccine. This is part of a larger article detailing the scientific research and federal leadership involved in the successful effort to create the vaccine.

COVID-safe exercise ideas for older adults this winter

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Dori Rosenberg, PhD, MPH, co-authored this article offering guidance to older adults for exercise, both indoors and outdoors, during winter months of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was re-published on the KPWHRI website.

Association of the intensity of diagnostic evaluation with outcomes in incidentally detected lung nodules

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Diana Buist, PhD, MPH, is senior author of a JAMA Internal Medicine article that is summarized in this twice-weekly trade newsletter.

Flu shot Q&A: Does COVID-19 change our approach?

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Michael Jackson, PhD, MPH, is interviewed about the 2020-21 influenza season.


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