Recognition June 2021

Dr. Krakauer joins KPWHRI

Chloe Krakauer, PhD, MS, recently joined the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute biostatistics group. Dr. Krakauer received her PhD in biostatistics from the University of Washington, working on missing data and decision theory. She has collaborated with KPWHRI on multiple studies including Oral Health for Life and Healthy Hearts Northwest and is currently working on the ACT and STRIPE studies. Welcome, Dr. Krakauer!

KPWHRI researchers present at HCSRN

The Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN) held its annual conference in May. KPWHRI researchers who presented at the virtual meeting included Research Associate Leah Tuzzio, MS and Associate Investigator Karen Wernli, PhD at a panel on using human-centered design to improve health services research; Senior Investigator Rob Penfold, PhD at a panel on technical, ethical, and privacy issues of using public records and financial data sources for social determinants information; and Senior Investigator Eric Larson, MD, MPH at a panel on opportunities in research on aging with the HCSRN.

Dr. Coley receives paper of the year award

At the HCSRN annual conference, KPWHRI Assistant Investigator Yates Coley, PhD was recognized with the paper of the year award for "Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Performance of Prediction Models for Death by Suicide After Mental Health Visits" in JAMA Psychiatry. KPWHRI News has more about Dr. Coley and the award-winning work. Coauthors were KPWHRI Biostatistician Eric Johnson, MS; Senior Investigator Greg Simon, MD, MS; Assistant Investigator Maricela Cruz, PhD; and Senior Investigator Susan Shortreed, PhD.

Dr. Buist speaks at Weill Cornell

In May, KPWHRI Senior Investigator and Director of Research and Strategic Partnerships Diana Buist, PhD, MPH presented at Virtual Grand Rounds at Weill Cornell Medical College. Dr. Buist spoke about results from her ongoing collaborative research on home-based cervical cancer screening in a pragmatic randomized trial. 

Dr. Dublin presents on medications and COVID-19

In May, Sascha Dublin, MD, PhD, KPWHRI senior investigator and Washington Permanente Medical Group physician presented to the Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy & Aging Research. Dr. Dublin's invited talk was on "Studying Medications & COVID-19 Outcomes Using Electronic Health Data."