Recognition November/December 2021

Dr. Wernli gives 2 invited presentations on cancer care

Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (KPWHRI) Associate Investigator Karen Wernli, PhD, has been awarded pilot project funding from the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology. In connection with that award, in November, she gave an overview of her project to the organization's Cancer Care Delivery Research Committee. Her talk was titled "Quality metrics in time to biopsy and lung cancer diagnosis in cancer screening population."

Also in November, Dr. Wernli was an invited speaker for the seminar series at Emory University Department of Epidemiology. For that presentation, she spoke on "Finding the confluence of patient-centered outcomes in breast cancer survivors."

Dr. Buist speaks at NIH women's health conference

In October, KPWHRI Senior Investigator and Director of Research and Strategic Partnerships Diana Buist, PhD, MPH, spoke at a congressionally requested National Institutes of Health conference, Advancing NIH Research on the Health of Women. The virtual conference was part of the 55th meeting of the Advisory Committee on Research on Women’s Health and Dr. Buist spoke about accelerating cervical cancer eradication.

Dr. Lewis discusses cancer and social risk at NCI

In October, KPWHRI Senior Investigator Cara Lewis, PhD, was an invited plenary panelist at a National Cancer Institute Cancer and Social Risk workshop. Dr. Lewis and other speakers discussed challenges and potential solutions to awareness-related research strategies to identify social risks of defined cancer patient populations. The panel focused specifically on risks of food insecurity, housing instability, and transportation barriers.

Dr. Green speaks at colorectal cancer conference

In October, KPWHRI Senior Investigator and Washington Permanente Medical Group physician Beverly B. Green, MD, MPH, gave a talk at the Western Colorectal Cancer Consortium Coalition Conference. At the virtual meeting, Dr. Green reported on her work on measuring and improving colorectal cancer screening in a talk titled "Transforming Research Findings into Action: Advocating for a Medicaid Colorectal Cancer Screening Performance Metric."

Dr. Parchman speaks about de-implementation

In October, KPWHRI Senior Investigator Michael L. Parchman, MD, MPH, spoke at the Architecture of High-Value Health Care Conference from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Parchman gave a workshop titled “De-Implementation: A Guide to Eliminating ‘things we do for no reason.’"