SONNET is a national network of applied researchers who help design, evaluate, and implement effective social health interventions to improve member health across Kaiser Permanente. SONNET's work is made possible with funding from KP's National Community Health Program.

Latest issue: December 2021


KP researchers conduct the largest known study on loneliness – assessing data from 24,000 KP members – to better understand the impact of loneliness on health, factors that contribute to loneliness, and what can help stop loneliness.


An interview with John F. Steiner, MD, MPH, senior clinician investigator at the Kaiser Permanente Colorado Institute for Health Research and former SONNET director; Tammy S. Kelly, MA, senior innovations and life care planning manager at Kaiser Permanente Colorado; and Alena Wall, MA, CHES, public affairs director for the Marin-Sonoma Kaiser Permanente, and previously community health manager at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. READ MORE.

Past issues

July 2021

How SONNET can serve as KP's nerve center for social health research and evaluation

SONNET's new directors Katie Coleman and Cara Lewis share their vision for bridging research and operations to advance social health at KP and beyond.

March 2, 2020 Volume 4, Issue 2

Special: A note from SONNET's director, Dr. John F. Steiner

By: John F. Steiner, MD, MPH, SONNET Director and Senior Researcher at Institute for Health Research

March 2, 2020 Volume 4, Issue 1

Why Look at Social Needs?

By: Sumita Bhatia, MPH, MS, Care Management Institute (CMI)

Feb. 10, 2019 Volume 3, Issue 2

Better Opportunities for Physical Activity at Work and Home Have Positive Effects on Body Mass Index

By:  Douglas W. Roblin, PhD, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute and Kristina H. Lewis , MD MPH SM, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Jan. 10, 2019 Volume 3, Issue 1

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

By: Adam L. Sharp, MD, MSc, Southern California Permanente Medical Group,, Alyssa Tjajadi-Millan, MPH, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, and Tadashi T. Funahashi , MD, Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Dec. 10, 2018 Volume 2, Issue 5

Pathways to Identify Basic Resource Needs

By: John F. Steiner, MD, MPH, Senior Investigator, Kaiser Permanente Colorado and Claudia L. Nau, PhD, Research Scientist I, Southern California Permanente Medical Group

Nov. 12, 2018 Volume 2, Issue 4

Perceptions and Experience of Patients, Staff, and Clinicians with Social Needs Assessment

By: Courtnee Hamity, PhD, Principal Consultant, Center for Evaluation & Analytics and Ana Jackson, PhD, Director of Evaluation

Sept. 10, 2018 Volume 2, Issue 3

CESR: Social Needs Patient Reported Outcomes Surveys Added to the VDW 

By: Reesa Laws - Coordinating Center Manager / Technical Research Program Manager

June 19, 2018 Volume 2, Issue 2

SNAP Enrollment Program Launches in California

By: Jayme Magallanes, MPH - Senior Project Manager of National Medicaid and Charitable Health Care

May 9, 2018 Volume 2, Issue 1

Why SONNET? Why now? Why Kaiser Permanente?

By: Loel S. Solomon, PhD, Vice President of Kaiser Permanente Community Health

Dec. 13, 2017 Volume 1, Issue 4 (Story 2 of 2)

Kaiser Permanente’s Social Services Resource Locator (SSRL) Update

By: Sarita Mohanty, MD, MPH, MBA and Sarah Threlfall, MPH

Dec. 13, 2017 Volume 1, Issue 4 (Story 1 of 2)

Toward Achieving Total Health: Developing a Health System to Address Social Determinants of Health Needs

By: Matthew Banegas, PhD, MPH and Nicole L. Friedman, MS

Nov. 13, 2017 Volume 1, Issue 3

Concurrent Social Needs in Elderly KP Members with Food Insecurity 

By: John F. Steiner, MD, MPH, Senior Investigator, Kaiser Permanente Colorado 


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