SONNET: Coordinating Center

Meet our Coordinating Center team

SONNET's Coordinating Center team is housed at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle. Our team is responsible for achieving the goals laid out by our Evaluation and Research Committee by operationalizing our efforts to connect, consult, and communicate on social health initiatives across KP.


Carolyn_Bain_187x187.jpgCarolyn Bain , MPH

SONNET Project Manager
KP Washington Health Research Institute

Carolyn oversees the management of SONNET’s Evaluation and Research Committee (ERC) projects and the development of final project deliverables. She has carried out public health research and implementation globally and nationally since 2001. 

meagan.brown_187x187.jpeg.pngMeagan Brown, PhD, MPH

SONNET Associate Director
KP Washington Health Research Institute

Meagan is working with collaborators from across KP to develop a web-based training module for KP physicians and social workers to help providers improve their ability to deliver social risk-informed care.


Katie Coleman , MSPH

SONNET Director
KP Washington Health Research Institute

Katie is helping lead SONNET's strategic direction and contributing to our operationally driven research agenda. She also co-leads KP Washington's Center for Accelerating Care Transformation (ACT Center). 

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andrea.paolino__187x187.jpgAndrea R. Paolino, MA

SONNET Program Director
KP Colorado Institute for Health Research

Andrea Paolino has been program director for the SONNET Network since its founding in 2017. She has been managing health services research projects for over 25 years.


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