David Mosen, PhD, MPH

SONNET is a national network of applied researchers who help design, evaluate, and implement effective social health interventions to improve member health across Kaiser Permanente. SONNET's work is made possible with funding from KP's National Community Health Program.

Senior Affiliate Investigator and Senior Program Evaluation Consultant

KP Northwest Center for Health Researchdavid.mosen@kpchr.org

david.mosen_187x187.pngDavid Mosen, PhD, MPH, is a health services researcher with 23 years of experience conducting applied program evaluation and quality improvement research. As a Senior Affiliate Investigator and Senior Program Evaluation Consultant with the KP Center for Health Research (CHR), David works closely with KP Northwest (KPNW) clinicians and departments to evaluate the effectiveness of quality improvement initiatives and translate research findings into practice. His areas of expertise include health services research, social determinants of health research, program evaluation, and quality improvement methods and evaluation. He has published 65 peer-reviewed manuscripts.

Throughout David’s career at KPNW, he has developed a portfolio of work in social determinants of health (SDH) that fits nicely with his role as a SONNET ERC member. First, he recently completed an evaluation with Drs. Tucker-Seeley and Banegas to examine the association of social isolation with future health care utilization. Second, his is a Co-Principal Investigator on an NIDCR-funded R21 to examine the type and frequency of social needs in integrated medical-dental clinics and whether the presence of social needs was associated with closure of medical care gaps. Third, he co-led an evaluation to measure the effectiveness of KPNW’s financial navigator pilot intervention to address patient medical care cost concerns and non-medical social needs. Finally, using KPNW Medicare Total Health Assessment (MTHA) survey information (the primary data source for the proposed study), David examined the association of food insecurity and self-reported falls among the Medicare population.

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