July – August 2022

COVID-19-vaccines-and-pregnancy_1col.jpgCOVID-19 vaccines safe for people who are pregnant

New data should increase confidence in vaccine safety among people who are pregnant and more at risk for COVID-19 complications.

ACT-Center-reminder-text-messages-for-people-that-are-high-risk_1col.jpgPredicting and preventing missed clinic visits

Biostatistician Yates Coley, PhD, reports on new predictive analytics work that’s decreasing missed visits at Kaiser Permanente Washington.

time-to-biopsy-after-abnormal-screening-mammography-by-race-and-ethnicity_1col.jpgBreast-biopsy delays after mammogram more likely for Black, Asian women

Study suggests disparities at screening sites may influence lag in follow-ups.


Art in medicine.gifCreating meaning in health care

Research by Marlaine Figueroa Gray, PhD, includes exploring the intersection of medicine and creativity.


Eric-Larson_3rd-Act-column_Memory-loss_1col.jpgEnlightened aging: Forgetful need not lead to fretful

Age-related memory changes are not always cause for concern, writes Eric Larson, MD, MPH.


Kilian-Kimbel_1col_op4.jpgIn memory of Kilian Kimbel

At KPWHRI, we are mourning the recent loss of our much-loved colleague Kilian Kimbel. In her honor, we would like to reshare a blog she wrote in 2015 about her work on the SOS colon cancer screening study — and how it possibly helped save a participant's life. We miss you, Kilian.




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