june 2021

Vaccine-trial-vaccine-boosters_1col.jpgCOVID-19 vaccine-booster trial seeks volunteers

KPWHRI is recruiting volunteers for a clinical trial exploring the possible benefits of pairing different COVID-19 vaccines. Volunteers who are not yet vaccinated are particularly needed.

ACT-Study-NIA-grant_Dementia_1col.jpg$55M grant to boost Alzheimer’s study

Kaiser Permanente Washington, University of Washington, and University of California-San Diego will lead an expanded ACT Program to better understand the aging brain.

Aging-and-Geriatrics_1col.jpgResearch to improve people’s health as they age

This month we highlight KPWHRI’s research on aging and geriatrics. Learn how we're changing how people think about brain health, physical activity, and what it means to get older.

NYT_Tackling Prescription Overload_1col.jpgDeprescribing: Less may be more

Dr. Sascha Dublin explains why taking unnecessary medications is dangerous, and how there are additional risks as we get older and our bodies change.

Bringing-Community-to-the-table-Neely_video_1col.jpgBringing community to the table

KPWHRI research partner Neely Williams shares her views on hesitancy in health research in the Black community.


obesity and the built environment_Arterburn_1col.jpgBuilt environment doesn’t play expected role in weight gain

New research suggests proximity to fast food and other aspects of built environments don’t affect weight, contrary to earlier findings.

Bariatric-Surgery-CKD-prevention_1col.jpgIs bariatric surgery helpful in chronic kidney disease?

In an Annals of Surgery study, Kaiser Permanente researchers and colleagues share findings that bariatric surgery is linked to lower death risk in persons with chronic kidney disease and obesity.

Value-Champions-Clinicians_Taking-Action-On-Overuse_1col.jpgHow to become a clinical value champion

KPWHRI’s MacColl Center launches free online training to help clinicians identify and curb overused services in clinical practice.

Health-Impact-Report_1col.jpgHow infrastructure projects can better accommodate health and equity

A new brief spotlights health impact assessments as a process to improve planning for major developments.

Pride-Virtual-Background_1col.jpgCelebrating Pride Month

Kaiser Permanente Washington is a proud supporter of Pride Month! Celebrating a community created from hope, strengthened by diversity, and united in pride. 




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