MAY 2021

Mental-Health-Awareness-Month_1col.jpgResearch to improve mental health

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we shine a spotlight on the KPWHRI scientists working to find patient-centered ways to improve the lives of people affected by depression, addiction, and other mental health conditions.

data-prediction-models-bias-Coley_1col.jpgStudy examines racial inequity in suicide prediction models

KPWHRI researchers stress the need to test how prediction models perform in all racial, ethnic groups.


Kayne-Mettert-blog-post_1col.jpgA researcher’s journey from art student to mental health advocate

Kayne Mettert reflects on lived experience — and his drive to reduce stigma around mental health disorders.


woman-staring-at-sun-black-coat-splitshire-1col.jpgHow do you know when you’re depressed?

Psychologist and KPWHRI researcher Ben Balderson, PhD, shares how depression can change how you feel emotionally and physically, how you think, and what you do.

ATN-brain-scan_1col.jpgStudy evaluates biomarker criteria for Alzheimer’s risk

One-third of people classified as ‘highest risk’ may not develop Alzheimer’s disease, study suggests.


Health-condition-risk-in-patients-cannabis_1col.jpgElectronic health records study offers insights on medical cannabis use

New research examines providers’ notes to understand patients’ cannabis use and health conditions.


Open-notes-study_Ralston_1col.jpgPhysician concerns about note-sharing fade with practice

A new federal rule requiring physicians to provide patients online access to their notes may be easier to follow than physicians expected, according to newly published findings.

Delta-Center-news-release_Katie-Coleman_1col.jpgDelta Center awards $1.6M to support value-based care

KPWHRI’s MacColl Center remains a key partner as the safety net-focused initiative expands to 8 new states.





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