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VTE after bariatric surgery_1col.jpgStudy finds bariatric surgery linked to substantially lower risk of blood clots long-term

Largest study to date helps patients weigh risks and benefits of surgery.


clozapine-story_1col.jpgA medication that can relieve symptoms of psychosis is underused

Study finds that many patients who might benefit from clozapine don’t receive it.


EDU_Dr-patient_1col.jpgStudy sheds light on needs of young people with cancer

Understanding emergency department use among adolescent and young adult cancer survivors can help address care gaps.

Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Model_1col.jpgPredicting breast cancer risk after a high-risk benign lesion diagnosis

New study will develop risk models to improve clinical guidelines and practice.


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Equity-Inclusion-Diversity_gif_1col.gifEID: Our 2023 highlights

Here is a snapshot of our work to advance equity, inclusion, and diversity in 2023.





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