December 2018

2018-10-ways-op2_1col.jpg10 ways we made a healthier world in 2018

Kaiser Permanente Washington research tackled problems like obesity, suicide—and care that doesn’t promote health.

Ovarian-cysts-Buist-blog_1col.jpgNo need to follow up simple ovarian cysts

New KPWHRI study shows that women with simple cysts are not at increased risk of ovarian cancer.


Medication-Safety-Sascha-Dublin_1col.jpgEnsuring safe medications for older adults & pregnant women

In this video, Dr. Sascha Dublin tells why KP is an ideal place to pursue her passion: Research to help vulnerable patients get the right drug treatment.

Eric-Larson-newsletter-elderly-end-of-life-care_1col.jpgAvoiding unwanted and unnecessary care late in life

Giving dying patients the care they value and desire is within our reach, writes Dr. Eric B. Larson.


HPV-home-test_Buist-Blog_1col.jpgCervical cancer screening study explores home-based options for women

Could at-home kits help save more lives? Drs. Diana Buist and Rachel Winer are on a journey to find out.

Miglioretti-husband-dog-skiing_profile_1col.jpgWhy does Diana Miglioretti study the biostatistics of cancer screening?

Family history sparks interest for KPWHRI senior investigator, UC Davis professor, and co-leader of the BCSC.

Clare-Project-paper_1col.jpgYoung adults with cancer speak about balancing hope and risk

The first Clare Project study asked about values and care preferences. Project leaders are now building on that foundation.




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