august 2020

Covid-19-vaccination-trial_closeup-shot_1col.jpgCOVID-19 vaccine well tolerated, generates immune response

KPWHRI is leading the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases-sponsored phase 1 trial testing mRNA vaccine.


Decades in the making: A look back at what makes MacColl, MacColl

Upon retirement, MacColl Center co-founder Brian Austin reflects on how the Center became a global pioneer in health care transformation.


Benefit of 3D mammogram less with very dense breasts

But for most women, digital breast tomosynthesis improves cancer detection and reduces recalls, writes Dr. Yates Coley.

Blog - JAMA Grossman DNA precision population health - 1 column.jpg

Integrating personalized and population medicine

In JAMA, Kaiser Permanente and PCORI experts outline principles for applying genomic data to community health.



New Lancet report offers hope for preventing dementia

Dr. Eric B. Larson, a report contributor, answers questions about reducing risks, disparities, and threats from COVID-19.

Coronavirus and protein spike - NIH credit - 1 column.jpg

COVID-19 pandemic research at KPWHRI

Having long tracked infectious diseases and tested vaccines for safety and effectiveness, KPWHRI now focuses on the novel coronavirus.




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