February 2018


The opioid crisis: How our research is seeking solutions

Tom Petty’s accidental death from opioids shows we need to find safer alternatives for chronic pain. See how KPWHRI research helps to do just that.


In health care, more isn’t always better. We know what to do less of, but how?

Our ‘Taking Action on Overuse’ framework helps organizations build a culture where care teams take ownership for reducing low-value care. 


Flucasting week 13: Influenza severity

Nationally, our forecasts suggest that influenza season has peaked, but a substantial later wave of influenza B is still possible.



A sure-fire prediction for Super Bowl LII

We don’t know who will win the 52nd Super Bowl, but thanks to research, we’re certain repeated head hits cause lasting risks, writes Dr. Eric B. Larson.


Arterburn_bariatric_surgery_1col.jpg2 types of bariatric surgery give similar outcomes at 5 years

But longer follow-up is needed to compare sleeve vs. bypass, says Dr. David Arterburn, who wrote a JAMA editorial with Dr. Anirban Gupta.


Are we prepared for the next flu pandemic?

In U.S. News and World Report, KPWHRI’s Dr. Michael Jackson comments about our readiness to withstand a possible global outbreak.


MacColl Center helps launch Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net

New collaborative aims to spur innovation in value-based payment and care. Katie Coleman serves as MacColl’s site PI.




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