JULY 2018

LHS_AllHands_Coleman-Lozano-Westbrook_060518_1col.jpgHow the LHS Program helps us be best at getting better

One year in, leaders of Kaiser Permanente Washington’s Learning Health System Program explain how research-care delivery partnerships drive continuous learning.

opioids-doctor-patient-trust_sherman-post_1-col-20180709.jpgPatient-doctor trust withstands opioid risk reduction

Risk-reduction initiative for chronic opioid therapy sustains patient-doctor trust, Dr. Karen Sherman finds.

Tuzzio-Leah_1col.jpgCommunity health workers can help make the difference for patients

Leah Tuzzio, MPH, and colleagues describe an underutilized role that can help primary care become truly patient-centered.

Public-Health-enemy_1col.jpgCombustible tobacco: Still public health enemy #1

Dr. Jennifer McClure applauds the American Cancer Society’s recent strike against tobacco that burns. And she unpacks its evidence-based stance on e-cigarettes.

VanBorkulo-practice-coaching-blog_1col.jpgPractice Coaching for Primary Care Transformation comes to Seattle August 21–24

The MacColl Center’s Nicole Van Borkulo describes an exciting program to prepare practices to become patient-centered medical homes.

rear-view-mirrow-warning-sign_1col.jpgSuicide risk prediction is not a self-driving car

‘Nice warning light,’ Dr. Greg Simon says, ‘but my hands stay on the wheel,’ balancing models with judgment.




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