April 2018


Clinical trial of H7N9 bird flu vaccine starts at KPWHRI

Dr. Lisa Jackson leads national trial to explore improving immune responses to vaccine.


Integrative non-drug therapies treat back pain at reasonable cost

Kaiser Permanente researchers Drs. Daniel Cherkin, Karen Sherman, and Andrew Avins produced much of evidence in ICER report.

senior man painting easel-1col.jpg

Stand up for your health!

KPWHRI’s Dr. Dori Rosenberg shares 28 ways to be less sedentary.




Can a focus on better oral health help smokers quit?

Dr. Jennifer McClure partnered with the leading quitline provider to see what happens when smokers are counseled about oral health and tobacco.

woman-doctor-desk-computer-1col.jpgAccess, electronic health records, and the ecology of care

Improving long-standing problems of access in the digital age requires a critical look at today’s electronic health record, writes Dr. Eric B. Larson.


Study finds various treatments can reduce vaginal discomfort from sex

Dr. Katherine Newton co-wrote JAMA Internal Medicine paper comparing vaginal estrogen, moisturizer, and placebo gel.


Exercise: Your Rx to prevent depression?

Dr. Greg Simon explains how even modest physical activity can lift your mood. 




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